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You can use this wizard to secure your website. This could help you speed up the process of setting of security level for each page. By using this wizard, all group and page can be secured in just a few clicks.


Using the Security Wizard


You can access security wizard by Wizard > Security Wizard




Security Level:

None: do not secure any page

Secure Data Admin: most page will be secured at level 9 and the rest set to zero

Secured Site: Data/More/Search page will be secured at level 1 and the rest will be secured at level 9


You can also set different level for each page so that the users with different security level will be able to access only certain pages according to their level and access model that you selected.


When you finish setting security level for each page click on Next




Password Reminder link on the log in page: this will create a link "Forget Password" on Login page. When users forget their password, they can click on this link and will be prompt to input their e-mail address then the username and password will automatically e-mail to them.





Use user accounts from:

Table below: create and user account in the table below

Database: use user account from the table in you database

dbQwikSite: dbQwikSite will creates user table for you.


When you finish everything then click on Secure.


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