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When creating a new project in dbQwikSite you will be presented with 4 options.  You may create your project in one of the following ways:


Project Wizard
A Blank Project
From a Design Template
Using Auto Generate Genie


This is how to access the Gen Genie




The Auto Generate Genie (Gen Genie) presents you with lists of tables and settings information.

Check your desired options and Gen Genie will create a set of tables according to your selections.


1. Please select "Using Auto Generate Genie"


2. Click OK


Step 1 - Selecting Your Database


You will be presented with the "Select Database Connection" dialog.

You can select an existing connection, modify an existing connection or create a new connection. You may also import from a MySQL script file.




1. Select an existing or create a new connection


2. Click OK


Note that you can now import the database using a MySQL script.


You will be presented with the "Gen Genie".


Step 2 - Selecting the Project Options





All options will be automatically checked by default, and you will also be provided with suggested "Friendly Names" for your database tables. You may configure your settings here, remembering that changes do not have to be permanent - You can modify at any stage using the dbQwikSite designers. Uncheck any tables that you do not require and set the access levels of any pages that need to be secured.


You may also select your color scheme using the Gen Genie. If you do not find an existing color scheme that is to your taste, you can customize an existing scheme and save it for future used by clicking the btn_color_palette_001 button.


Please note the btn_genie_help_001 icons located at various points on the Gen Genie. Mousing over or clicking these icons will provide you with information about the relevant topic


1. select in your options

2. Click on OK


Step 3 - Let dbQwikSite create your Web Site




1. Sit back and let it all happen.


2.  Your pages will be generated and appear in the designer