Database Wizard

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The Database Wizard helps you to create dbQwikSite database with ease. You can create databases using a variety of techniques in combination.  You can convert Excel, text and csv files to tables, you can create a tables based on built in templates, you can design tables yourself.  dbQwikSite creates database in MS Access format, these can later be published or converted to MS SQL or mySQL.


There are 2 ways that you can access Database Wizard.

1. Wizard -> Database Wizard

2. Project Wizard -> Create New Project -> Database Web Project -> I don't have database -> Next




The database wizard lets you create new tables in four different ways:


Converting PC Files to Tables


Converting files lets you use existing data that you have in some types of PC files as a database for dbQwikSite.  Three file types are supported: CSV, Text, and Excel.  When you convert a file into a table dbQwikSite will create a table to contain the file data as well as import the data as records in your new table.




1.Browse the file that you want to import
2.If your data file contains multiple data tables (can occur in Excel) you next select a table from your input file.
3.Be sure to choose at least 1 field to be the key (unique identifier) of your table records.
4.Enter a table name in the New Table Name input box.
5.Click the Create button


Hint: You can delete fields by right clicking on any field -> Delete field


Using Table Templates


Table template allow you to create new tables in your database, based of common templates.  This can greatly speed designing table over manually designing.  You pick a table from a list available template.  Each table template has a set of template fields.  You can can include and exclude suggested fields to create a table that is tailored to your needs.




1.Select a Template Type
2.Select a Template Table
3.Use the arrow buttons to move fields to your field list.
4.Make sure that you select at at least one field act as the unique identifier of your records.
5.Enter a name for your new table.
6.Click on Create button


Hint: You can change field names by right clicking on any field -> Rename


Note that when you create a table from a template it will not contain any data records.  You can create an add page in dbQwikSite that you can use to enter sample data.


Designing a Table Manually


You can design tables by typing in the field definition and saving the design into a new table.




1.Double click to add field name, select data type, length
2.Press tab key to add another field.
3.Click on Create button


Note that when you create a table manually it will not contain any data records.  You can create an add page in dbQwikSite that you can use to enter sample data.


Convert a MySQL Script


Import a phpMyAdmin SQL script to clone your MySQL tables




1.Browse SQL file
2.Tables will automatically listed
3.Select tables
4.Adjust any fields
5.Click on Create button


See more on creating mySQL exports and importing