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The Connection Wizard, helps you create a database connection definition.  Simply follow the steps of the wizard specifying the details of your existing database, and the database connection will create the appropriate database connection for you.


The connection wizard is the easiest way to set up a database connection.  Once you have defined a database connection, you can then use this connection to create a dbQwikSite project.


There are 2 ways that you can access Database Wizard:


1. Wizards -> Database Wizard

2. Project Wizard -> Create New Project -> Database Web Project -> I have database -> Help Me Set Up a New Connection




Depending on the type of database you choose the dialog will change.  You must enter the correct information that is specific to your database.  If you do not know all the settings that you are asked for, you may need to consult the person responsible for databases in your organization.  You must correctly define a connection before you will be able to create a project using dbQwikSite.




3. Enter your server name or localhost if you are just working on your PC.


4. Select the Database you want to connect to from the list and then click on Finish.


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