Windows Vista Support

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dbQwikSite has added Windows Vista support to version 5.0 and greater.


Windows Visa Support

dbQwikSite runs under Windows Vista.  In version 5.0 we offer our first official support for Windows Vista.  We have tested all core features, in design and PC testing and now support all core functions on Vista.  There remain some small areas that are operational, however require that you need to take some action to enable under vista.


Fully Supported in Vista*


Creating Projects
Designing Pages
Testing on your PC


*Vista Home BASIC edition does not support testing page


Limited Support in Vista


We recommend you run dbQwikSite as Administrator. Depending on your database connection type and your Web Server, dbQwikSite may not be able to connect to your database, or your pages may not work properly.

If one of the following statements applies to you:

1.You are connecting to a MySQL database
2.You are using IIS with an ODBC connection
3.You need a SYSTEM DSN ODBC connection to access your database

then you must run dbQwikSite as Administrator (See note 1 below)


The following restrictions will apply if you use dbQwikSite as a standard VISTA user:

If you installed IIS you will be required to either:

Run dbQwikSite as Administrator


Grant ‘full control’ rights on the dbQwikSite IIS Web Folders (usually C:\inetpub\wwwroot\dbQwikSite) for the ‘Users’ group (See note 2 below)


IIS is required to test pages using ASP.Net.



Services Manager - You must launch the program with administrator privileges in order to access this feature.

From Microsoft's Help:

Running Programs as an Administrator


Windows Vista includes functionality to manually and preemptively request that an application be started (launched). To launch a program with a full administrator access token one time, right-click the program icon and select Run as administrator on the menu. After the user authorizes the elevation, the program will launch and run with the user's full administrative access token.
Link to Article



Integrated HTML Editor - requires install of a windows extension.  Windows will prompt you that the component is missing and allow you to automatically install this component.  This needs to be done only once.
IIS Server: You need to change the credentials from the default. Execute the following  command line statements after starting command prompt as Administrator : (See note 3 below)


cd c:\Windows\System32\inetsrv 

appcmd set config -section:system.applicationHost/applicationPools -applicationPoolDefaults.processModel.loadUserprofile:false



When successful, you will receive this message:

Applied configuration changes to section "system.applicationHost/applicationPools" for "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST" at configuration commit path "MACHINE/WEBROOT/A



If not running as administrator,  the command will fail with the  following error:

ERROR ( message:Configuration error Filename: \\?\C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config Line Number: 0

Description: Cannot read configuration file




Notes: (1) Under VISTA, being logged-in as Admin user does not make programs run as Administrator. All programs run in limited administrative rights.


2) To grant the correct rights to the dbQwikSite IIS Web Folders, start your Windows Explorer and locate that folder, right click to access the Properties and select the Security tab. Then, click on the Edit button to add Full Control to the Users group as shown below:



(3) To start the Command Prompt as Administrator, pull up the Windows menu and type cmd as shown below, then hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just the Enter key. You'll then be prompted to authenticate, and your command will be executed as administrator