How to Build a Query

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dbQwikSite's Visual Query Builder will generate virtually any SQL query you will need for your  Page Group Datasets. The generated SQL query can be viewed in the SQL Editor.  Advanced SQL programmers can use the SQL editor to further customize SQL or create SQL statements from scratch.




Using the Visual Query Builder is very simple, it does not require any SQL syntax knowledge. You simply add the tables that contain the data you want and Visual Query Builder will generate the query SQL Statement for you.


These topics will guide you on how to use Visual SQL Builder:


Adding a table to a query selecting the tables you wish to read data from

Selecting Fields from the tables you have in your query.

Joining Table Linking your tables together to associate related records from different tables to each other.

Filtering Data to display only the records that you need and eliminate records that you do not want to show.

Sorting Data: to organize the initial listing order of records on your web pages.


When you have finished, you can see the SQL Statement by clicking on the View SQL tab.  You can see the data that you have selected  by clicking on View Data Tab.


Note: How to program in SQL is a separate topic. You can find good SQL references on the internet.

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