Using Existing Databases

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If you already have an existing database, then you can use it directly with dbQwikSite for designing sites.  This section covers the details on the tasks you need to perform with an existing database in order to use it with dbQwikSite.


Key to understanding how dbQwikSite program and web pages read your database is the concept of a database connection. On your PC database connections are managed by Microsoft Windows.  You must correctly configure your connection to MS Windows before you can use it from any program, including dbQwikSite.  MS Windows utilities to create and manage connection can sometime be difficult to manage, for this reason, dbQwikSite provides you with a wizard to help set up your database connections.   This section covers the dbQwikSite Database Connection Wizard as well as an introduction to the the native Microsoft dialogs available to manage your database connections.


This section also covers special considerations for mySQL users.  Including specific information for working with existing mySQL databases.  As well as special considerations for those who choose to use MS Excel as a database.