Site Menus

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Site menus are menus that appear on your generated pages that allow your visitors to access pages of your web site.



The site menus are generated from a plug-in.  It creates a menu item for each check group in the explorer and a sub menus item for each page in that group which user can enter directly.   Pages such as update are not added to menus because they require a record to be identified before entering the page.


The generated files can be customized after you generate them, allowing you to adjust menu captions and re-organize menus as best meets your needs.  dbQwikSite Menu plug in provides only the code generation step, to edit the generated files you need to use an HTML or text editor.



Auto Menus

Creating Menus

Customizing and Controlling Menus



Auto Menus


dbQwikSite supports the idea of "auto" menus.  This means that you can define a menu and have dbQwikSite automatically include it in every page.


To enable Auto Menus:

Check the Auto Menus Option in your project settings.

Tools>Project Settings>Navigator Buttons


Run the menu plug-in as described bellow using the special name: "qs_menu" as your base file name.  qs_menu is a special name that the Auto Menu feature looks for as the menu to act as the default menu.


Creating Site Menus


You can create as many menus as you like to include in pages of your site.  For example, public and administration pages can have independent navigation menus.  Note that there is only one "auto" menu when using the auto menu feature, if you are using multiple menus in a single site, you will need to instruct dbQwikSite which pages use which menus (read the Customizing Menus Section below).


To generate a dynamic navigation menus:

1.Check the groups in the Explorer that you want included in your Menus



2. Plug-Ins >Site Navigation Menu > Choose a  Style...

Different plug-ins may have different dialogs. The base plug-in needs only a name to use as the base file name for naming its output files.  Note that the special name "qs_menu" is the indication to dbQwikSite, that this menu is to be used as the default menu when the auto menu feature is enabled.

You can use different names, however to will need to add tags into your pages to tell dbQwikSite, where to place your navigators.



3. The plug in will generate your menu files and display a report in your web browser.


Customizing Site Menus


Changing the Generated Menus

You can change the menus generated by dbQwikSite plug-ins.  Different plug-ins may have different levels of customization available.  Normally you are able to change the menu item text, and re-organize your menus, you can change the color and dimensions. This can be done by modifying the Java Script file or the CSS file using a HTML or text editor.


Java scripts are stored in a sub folder of your project folder.  The Java Script folder is named JS (for Java Script).  If your menu used Cascading Style Sheets, the CSS file  will be found in the CSS sub folder.


Note: If you regenerate menus using the same file names you will overwrite any customizations that you have done.


Generating Multiple Menus

You can generate different menus, for different purposes by checking the page groups in the explorer prior to running the generation plug in.  You must use a different name for each menu to avoid overwriting each other.  When using multiple menus you must instruct dbQwikSite which menu to use on which page.  This is done by embedding a special HTML tag in your page header.  More information on the tag follows.


Positioning Menus in your pages

If you wish to control the point in your page that the menu is inserted you can add this tag to your page header:

<qsnavmenu name=qs_menu show=on /> 

Where: qsnavmenu is a special tag name that you insert as it appears here.

       name is the base name of your java script menu when you generated it.  qs_menu is a special name used for auto menus.

Auto menus do not require that this tag appear in your page header, however for any other custom menu you must add the tag to your header so that dbQwikSite knows you want to display your menu on that page.


Showing and Hiding Menus

<qsnavmenu name=qs_menu show=on /> 

  show=on/[off] this tells dbQwikSite whether to show the menu or not.  While you may initially say why would you ever turn show off, there are times where this is useful.  For examples, turn show off is the only way to suppress the display of menus on selected pages when the auto-menu option is selected.