Creating Database User Accounts

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The dbQwikSite Security Model allows you to specify user accounts at design time. The design time user accounts are referred to as static accounts in that they are set up once at design time and do not change.


To Create Static User Account:


1. Open Page Setting Dialog Box ( Page Setting > Page Properties > General)


2. In the Use users account from section, click on Use users account from table below radio button




3. Add the User name, Password, and access levels.


Note: You can navigate and manipulate the table using this database navigation bar:




The functions from left to right are:

First Record                - Go to the top of the list.

Previous Page        - Move back one page.

Previous Record        - Move back one record.

Next Record                - move to the next available record.

Next Page                - Move forward one page.

Last Record                - move to the bottom of the list (the last record).

Insert                - Add a new record.

Delete                - Delete the currently selected record.

Edit                        - Edit the currently selected record.

Save                         Save any changes (current record).

Cancel                - Ignore any changes (current record).


Note: If you place your cursor over the symbols in dbQwikSite a hint will appear to help you.


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