Securing Your Web Site

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When you create a web page and publish it to the web without security it would be viewable to anyone who knows the address of your site.  Very often you may want to have some pages that are not accessible to everyone.  For example you may have a site that allows the general public to see a list of products, but you also need pages to update products which only you have access to, normal visitors cannot update products.


dbQwikSite includes an integrated security system allowing you to create advanced security rules for your site.  In dbQwikSite allows your secure pages individually, any time a visitor attempts to access a secured page, the will be presented with a login page in which they have to input their user name and password.  Once logged into a dbQwikSite generated site, the visitors login information is retained, they need only log in once during a single visit.


With dbQwikSite not only can you secure web pages, you can also secure data.  This means that you can create web pages that display only the logged in user's data.


The normal security process would involve the following steps:


1. Create a Login Page

2. Create User and Group Accounts

3. Optionally assign security levels to users, pages and groups.


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