Requirements for PC Testing

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Requirements for testing will vary depending if you use the default testing facilities or if you choose to elect for a more specialized test environment.


Standard Testing Facility


dbQwikSite Standard testing facility installs with dbQwikSite, if you accept the standard testing facility, there are no additional requirements for you to be able to test.


By default dbQwikSite will generate ASP code on your PC.        

       Note:  You can still deploy PHP even if you are testing with ASP


dbQwikSite comes with its own dbQwikWebServer that will start automatically if no other web server is currently running.

dbQwikSite will use the same database connection that you are using for design to test your pages.


Note: If you have IIS Server installed it uses robust security intended to safeguard public web servers, when testing your PC this can be a real pain.  You can manually configure security or you can bypass IIS and use dbQwikWebServer.  To bypass IIS server you can either stop the service using dbQwikSIte Service Manager or You can change the Port Setting for your testing using the Port Number setting shown below.


edt_Project Setting Local_001




Specialized Test Environments


Some Advanced users may elect to use non-standard test environment.  The most likely reason for this is that you want to test PHP scripting directly on your PC.  This is possible, but you then must then ensure that you have a configuration on your PC that supports PHP.  Neither IIS or dbQwikWebServer support PHP natively,  but you can download PHP for IIS server.


If you do want to test in environment that is mirroring Linux / Apache / PHP and MySQL you can do this.  You must first ensure that you have installed and configured all these programs on your PC.  There is an open source group which bundles all the components into compatible single install packages.  If you want to install all these programs, you may find it much easier to download a single install, rather than to go to the individual sites.  The single installs are available at


If you choose to use a specialized test environment, you should adjust your local settings (shown above) to agree with your particular set up.




You can generate by checking the Generate Option when generating ASP. requires that you have IIS server installed and that you have installed .net framework on your PC. code generations is currently in BETA release.  All major functions have been tested and appear to work.  If you encounter any problems please report these to


IIS server is part of windows XP and Vista however it is not installed by default.  You may have to install IIS server from your Windows CD if it has not been installed yet.


Windows Vista new security features, can cause IIS not to run your pages. In this event your will see a message as follows:




This can be solved by changing security settings, or launching dbQwikSite with administrator privileges.


To modify security settings for IIS secured folders:


The DBQwikSite sub-folder is already created at install time by the installer. The only requirement is only to set the correct rights on that folder.

Locate the folder: C:\Inetpub\wwrwroot\DBQwikSite in the windows explorer.  Right click to view its properties.


Select the Security Tab





Click on EDIT to change settings:


Select the Users group and click on Full Control




It should then look like this:




Click Apply then OK