Activating Your Copy of dbQwikSite

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All editions of dbQwikSite require that you activate your software. When you launch the program, you will automatically be invited to activate your license.


Benefits and Privacy


Activating your software is a simple process and identifies you to us so that we can provide you with support and program updates.  The activation process requires only the minimum information that we need to identify and support you as our valued customer.  We request only your name, email and your product activation code during the activation process.


How to Purchase or Upgrade:


The easiest way to pay is via our web site. We use a payment gateway that offers secure credit card payments, as well as a variety of other payment methods including PayPal, cash, wire transfers, checks and Purchase Orders.  For more information on ordering please check Element5's Customer Service Web Site


You can register or upgrade your copy of dbQwikSite on our website's purchase page.


If you have any difficulty or questions you can reach us at


When you register, we will e-mail you a download link to the full version, as well as an activation code.  Download and install the full version, then activate your software as described below.


Activating your software


Note: All Editions, will operate in Basic Mode with only those features available until you activate your software.


Select Help > Activate features... from the program's main menu items.



This Activation dialog will appear.



Click the Next button


Enter your Registered Username, E-mail, and Authorization Code exactly as it appears in the email that was sent to you when you purchased your product.  Be sure to enter character case and punctuation carefully.



Ico_light_001Hint: You can select your activation code from your email and copy it into your windows clipboard, using the keystroke <ctrl+c>.  You can now paste your activation code by placing your cursor into the Authorization Code and using the paste keystroke: <ctrl+v>.



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