Using dbQwikStart Templates

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dbQwikStart templates are pre configured projects complete with graphics and sample databases.  Each template is aimed at a specific business purpose.


These templates are immediately available to you when you install dbQwikSite, or you can find some demo template samples here, and some business templates here:


When you download these templates, they too will be available to use with dbQwikSite.


Please be aware that you will only be able to use template for your or lower versions, ie. Pro users will not be able to use downloaded E-Commerce templates.


To Create a Project Based on a Template


You can choose the "From Design Template" option on the initial open dialog:




- OR -


You can select the From Design Template option on the Tool Bar:




Which will open the New Project Dialog Box.




Here you will be able to view all of your installed templates.  Pre installed templates will be within their respective tabbed pane (PE, Pro, E-Commerce) and your downloaded templates will be in the "MyTemplates" List.


To select a template, double click its icon, or click once then the OK button.