Project Settings in Global Group

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It may be possible that you would like to have the same settings for a number of different page groups, and pages within each group. You can use the Global Settings function to apply identical Login Security, E-mail Settings, and Validation Setting to every page in your project.


Click on Global Group -> Setup





To Set Global Security Settings:


1. Select Login Settings tab and you will be presented with the Login Settings dialog


3. Select your access model. (See User Identification and Authentication)


4. Select the source of your user accounts (See Login Pages)




To Set Global E-mail Settings:


1. Select E-mail Settings tab and you will be presented with the E-mail Settings dialog


2. Complete the e-mail settings as per your requirements (See Enabling a Data E-mail Page)




To Set global Validation Settings:


1. Select Global Validation Settings tab and you will be presented with the Global Validation Settings dialog


2. Click on Customize to Customizable Validation Events, where you can input your own JavaScript to be executed during data validation.




Your settings will be applied to all of your pages in all of your groups.


It is possible to have some pages that do not share these global settings


Pages Not Included in the Global Settings:


1. Locate the relevant page group on the Explorer


If the required page (E-mail/Login) is not shown, click on the Show Pages button (btn_show_pages_001)


- You will be presented with the Show Pages dialog.

- You should check the pages that you would like to be displayed on the Explorer




2. Right click on the Login/E-mail page and select Properties from the pop up menu


3. On the properties dialog you will see a check box












Uncheck this box to configure individual settings for this page