Project Reports

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dbQwikSite Project Reports offer several reports to help you manage your projects more effectively and locate information in alternate form than through the program dialogs.


dbQwikSite provides some standard report, however the reports support plug-ins, the menu options that you see may include additional reports that are not part of the standard installation.





Standard Reports:



Consistency Check

This report checks for inconsistencies in your design, that may result in generation error or in your generated pages not behaving as expected.

External HTML Changes

This report shows any HTML page or HTML fragment, which has been edited outside dbQwikSite, and whose changes have not been updated in dbQwikSite.  In other words, the HTML and dbQwikSite are out of sync.

Page Items

This report provides a listing of all your Pages, Page settings, Items and Item Settings. It is a consolidated view of what you see through the various program dialogs.

Design-Time Page Links

This report, lists the special syntax for  HTML links, that can be used in included HTML pages to link to designed dbQwikSite pages.

Project Pages and SQL

This report lists all the pages of your project, their settings and the SQL statement associated with the page data set.