dbQwikSite Page Types

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The basic web building block use by dbQwikSIte is a web page.  dbQwikSite provides you with various types of web pages that you can assemble together in page groups to create many different types of web applications.


Available web page types are:


Database Web Pages


Display Functions

Page Type


Data Page

Lists Records

More Page

Displays a Single record

Details Page

Displays Detail (Child) records related to a selected Record on the Data Page

Find Page

Allows user to specify search conditions to filter data shown on the Data Page



Record Manipulation pages

Page Type


Add Page

Adds a record into a database table

Copy Page

Displays an existing record for edit and saves as a new record

Update Page

Displays a record for Edit and saves the changes in the database

Delete Page

Displays a record and permanently deletes the record from the database

Import Page

Imports a CSV file into a table.  Accepts the file and imports the data to its table.  Reports errors to the web browser.




Non- Database Pages


General Use Pages

Page Type


Email Page

Merges record fields and user input to generate an email message

HTML Pages

Display Information that you design in an HTML editor, not tied to any database records.

Control Panel Pages

Provide Navigation between pages of proups

Email Results Dialog

Allows visitors to input details as to the email destination for a search result when the the visitor chooses to email the results.

Email Reminder

A page that shows when the user clicks on a "forgotten password" link.  Collects the user email address verifies and sends a reminder email.


Ecommerce Pages

Page Type


Shopping Cart Page

Allows visitors to add items to their shopping cart, and view the item on this page.

Check Out Page

Allows visitors to purchase the items in their shopping cart.