Record View Page (More Page)

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The more page offers you the ability to display a single record on its own web page.  Often this this is useful if you offer fewer, selected fields on your data list page, because listing all the fields is not helpful or not appropriate.  The more page can "zoom" in on a record and show more fields.


To add a More Page:


1. In the Explorer, Right Click on the More Page and select Properties from its popup menu


2. The More Page Setting Window appears


3. Select a single table from the drop down list, or use a query to use a combination of fields from different tables of your database.


4. Map the link between the Data Page and More Page fields.  The More Page needs to know how your table or query in this page is linked to the records in your Data Page.  dbQwikSite will automatically try to link the two datasets, but you should verify that the link is correct, so that the details displayed are truly the details of the record that your visitor clicked on the Data Page.


5. Click OK


When you preview the Data Page, you can see that dbQwikSite has automatically inserted a new page item called "More..." which will link the data record of the Data Page to the More Page. See the image below:




If your page group does not display a More Page, it must be "hidden".  To unhide the More page follow the instructions found in Showing and Hiding Pages


Linking in Fields in Other Tables


By default your more page uses the same dataset definition as the Data List page, but you can modify the data set as long as you preserve the key fields for mapping.  This can be useful if you want to write a query to "pull" data from other tables into your "More" record.  For example your Employee table may have a Department Code in it, but you want to show the department Name, that is stored in the department table.  You can do this by redefining your More Page Dataset, and adding the Department table, linking it to the Employee table and checking the Department Name to be included in your data set.


Security Tip:

It is important to remember that the data list page and the more page can have different security settings allowing you to control not only how much information is on each page type but also who can view these pages.  An example where this may be use is in an employee list.  You can list Name, title and phone extension visible to all, but on the more page you may add salary and home phone and this more page would be secured so that only HR and managers may view it.