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You can add HTML pages to any group. HTML to any page. HTML pages are web pages that are not database pages, but you want to link into your site. You can create new pages or open pages that you have designed in another program. HTML pages can be linked to generated pages using hyperlinks.


Adding HTML Pages


1. Right Click on a Group in the Explorer


2. Click on Insert a HTML Page to bring up the HTML New Page Dialog




You can start from a blank HTML Page or import an existing HTML file.


3. Clicking Next to bring up the HTML Designer/Editor with your page displayed.


Importing HTML Pages


If you open an HTML page to import, dbQwikSite will also look for associated files that also need to be imported.  dbQwikSite will look for graphics and images, as well as Cascading Style Sheets that may be used by the page you are importing.  To do this dbQwikSite will look for sub-folders which contain the additional files. dbQwikSite will assume a standard folder structure.  It will look for CSS files in a Sub-folder called "CSS" and it will look for images in folder called "images".  If these folders are not present, or names differently their contents will not be imported.


Hint:  If you plan to import pages that include images and CSS verify that the images are in a sub-folder called "images" and that CSS files are in a sub-folder called "CSS".  If not, organize your files this way before importing and the will import more effectively.  Don't forget to ensure that your HTML page references the files in the sub-folder locations.


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