E-mail a Record Page

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You can integrate an on-line E-Mail Form which can combine visitor input with data from your Data Page. You can use E-Mail pages for product enquires, or B2B applications


To Create E-Mail Forms:


1. Select the E-Mail Page in the explorer.


2. Click on the Setup button, to link the source record from the Data Page to the E-Mail Page.


The Page Setting dialog box appears, from which you can modify the E-Mail Page Setup for your E-Mail Page




You need to identify how to link the records of the Data Page to the E-Mail Page.

dbQwikSite provides the default record link for you. You can modify, add, or remove the link to meet your particular needs.


3. You need to provide E-Mail address details for exchanging information. Here, you can customize the format of your E-Mail Form, visitor messages, or add additional input fields.


Security Tip: The Default Sender e-mail is the e-mail address that will submit the form to you.  We do not recommend using the visitors e-mail address because many hosting companies' security settings prevent the sending of e-mails FROM addresses that they do not host.  So it is best to set up an email address from which your web site will send the order to you.