Details Page (of master / detail)

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The Details Page will show the details of records linked to those in your Data Page. This is called Master/Details Page since the details are usually "sub records" or "child" records.  For example your Data Page may list Class Home rooms and the Details Page may list all the Students in a Homeroom.


To Enable a Details Page:


1. In the Explorer, Click the Details Page


2. Click on the Setup button, The Details Page Setting dialog box will appear


3. Select the source of your details dataset, either from a table or a Query


4. Map the linking field between the datasets. This tells dbqwikSite which Details records belong with which master records.


5. Click OK.



Note: dbQwikSite will automatically add a new page item "details" in the Data Page with a hyperlink in each record to the Details Page. When the user clicks on the details link, the Details Page will open.