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Data Pages list records from the page dataset. The data page not only list records but also displays records as the result of a search, and allows visitors to select records which they can then view, edit, delete, and email  The data page has a number of available options to customize its function and appearance. Options include such things as column sorting, category filtering, exporting, layouts and more.


Getting Records for your Page


When you create a new Data Page you must define its dataset by choosing a table or designing a query.


When you create a Page Group, you will automatically create a Data (list) Page.

Depending on the method you use to create your page group, you may automatically be presented with a dialog to define your data set or the page will be created in a setup mode.


If it page is in setup mode you will see a "setup" button in the page layout area, when you select the page in the page explorer. To advance to the define dataset step, click the setup button to start the above dialog.



Configure your data set by loading data either from a table or from a query, should you need to access records that source from related tables.


4. Click OK


You can now proceed to create a Search Page and Data Management Pages (Add, Edit, Delete, Copy), to provide on-line data management functions on your web site. In addition, you can use records on the Data Page as master records to link to the Details Pages "sub records".  Please see Master/Detail Pages.


Data List Page Options


Data list pages have many options available to tailor the pages to your needs.  In addition to the Common Page Options there are a set Options unique to Data List Pages.


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