Copy a Record Page

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Using the "Copy" page, you can create new records using an existing record's details. The user can simply select the record he/she would like to clone from the Data Page and click on the Copy button.  He/She will be presented with a new page showing the individual record and can make any modifications that are required and save this new record.  The existing record will remain unchanged.


To Enable the Copy Page:


1. Check the Copy Page on the explorer to enable the generation of an Delete Page.


2. Click on the Setup button to set the properties of the Copy Page. It will ask you to pick the table that you want to copy records from using your Copy Page.


The Page Setting Dialog Box appears





3. Select the relevant table from the drop down list.


4. Then, setting the parameter keys to parse the data from the Data Page to your Delete Page. dbQwikSite will create the default key parameter for you. From there you can add/remove or make change the parameter key yourself.


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