Radio Buttons from Data Values

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Radio Buttons can be useful when users must choose from a small number of values.  Unlike a drop down list, all of the radio button options are visible all of the time.  Radio buttons are particularly useful when there is a small set number of possible options.. like Yes/No or Male/Female or MasterCard/Visa/Amex.


To Make Radio Button From Data Values:


1. Click on the Item Editor button (btn_item_editor_002) on the toolbar


- OR -


1. Right Click on the Item that you would like to be represented as a Radio Button and then select Properties from its popup menu


The Input Properties dialog box appears




2. Set the Type as Radio Button, then select Add button from Option tab


3. After that, specify the Choices and Value. You also can select the initial state for one button to be checked when the page is loaded.


You can see the preview as below from the Design Preview Page