New in dbQwikSite 5.0

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If you are familiar with previous versions of dbQwikSite -  Here's a list of just the NEW features:


Page Design  Enhancements (more)

Version 5.0 includes beta release of code generation. The code generation generates pages which can run on .net servers.  The Beta release generates working pages for all page types.  This feature will remain in Beta until final revisions are available.


Check Box Controls (more)

You can now display database fields as check boxes on your data input pages, on data list and search pages.  Check boxes provide a clear and simple way for your users to input yes/no type data easily.  They also consume less space on your page.  Using check boxes, you now have a new option for displaying data to your visitors.


Missing Images Graphic

When you include image links in database records, very often these are optional.  dbQwikSite now generates pages that will display a "No Image" graphic, when a record has no associated image.  Your pages will show dbQwikSite's missing image, rather than the standard "broken" image that browsers normally display when images are missing.  Your finished pages look more professional, handling optional images is a clean, polished manner.


File Attachments on Add Page (more)

In previous versions, file/image uploads could be added only to existing records, after the record identifier was known.  In version 5.0 you can offer file/image upload on any add page.  dbQwikSite generates smarter "two step" add logic, in effect doing the add and the update in a single pass.  This new feature makes your pages easier to use with less steps for your visitors to accomplish tasks.  You can now create add pages that include images, mp3 files, documents or any other file type.


Dynamic Site Menus (more)

Generate Dynamic drop down menus page navigation menus.  This new plug-in generates DHTML javascript menus for navigating between pages of your web site. You generating menus is easy, just select the page groups to include, and run the plug in, it creates, easy to modify drop down menus with a main menu entry for each group, and a sub-menu option for each page.


Login Page Default Target

You can now define a default target page for your Global Login.  This allows you to have new style of security presentation, presenting a login dialog before the visitor attempts to access a secured page.  dbQwikSite still checks that if your user attempts to access a secured page and has not logged in, they will be asked to login before being allowed to navigate to that page.


IDE Enhancements


Windows Visa Support (more)

dbQwikSite runs under Windows Vista.  In this release we offer our first official support for Windows Vista.  We have tested all core features, in design and PC testing and we now support all core functions on Vista.


HTML Editor Integration (more)

dbQwikSite now supports working with your favorite HTML editor. HTML pages and embedded HTML fragments (such as page header and footers) can now be open in your preferred HTML editor from within dbQwikSite, replacing dbQwikSite's the internal HTML Editor.  Changes made in your HTML editor are seamlessly incorporated back into dbQwikSite when you end your HTML edit session. dbQwikSite also tracks all your HTML files and advises you of any inconsistencies between dbQwikSite's information and the external files.  This means that you can work in your HTML editor and when you start dbQwikSite, it will flag any pages that have been updated since your last dbQwikSite session.


Web Form Converter (more)

Convert any web form from a web URL or a file on your PC into a database table in dbQwikSite and generate sets of web pages from your new table. This powerful new functionality allows you to build "back ends" with amazing ease.


"Universal" Database Table Editor (more)

In version 4.2 we introduced several ways that you could create tables in a local (MS Access format) database.  Now you get even more power, with the introduction of the "Universal" Table Editor.  You can edit the structure of any table available via your database connection.  This means you can modify not only local tables, but also tables in mySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access, whatever database your dbQwikSite project is connected to during design.  Add/Edit/Change Fields, manage identifiers, and manage indexes.


Refresh Datasets Option

You can now manually force a database schema refresh in dbQwikSite.  A new option "Refresh Dataset" is found in the explorer menu, allowing you to check that dbQwikSite datasets are up to date with your physical database structures.  The check can be done at various levels, Project, Page Group or Page.  This new feature helps if you are modifying your database outside of dbQwikSite while designing pages.


Project Reporting (More..)

dbQwikSite implements a brand new reporting architecture.  The project reporting architecture is based on XML and plug-in reports, so you can look forward to a growing number of project reports.  Project reporting can greatly assist in managing, maintaining and troubleshooting your projects.  Consolidated, structured reporting allows you to view information at a project level.  In version 5.0 you will find a few of these reports.  For example the project summary report gives information on all your pages, their SQL, security settings and more, presented in a single listing.  You no longer need to click trough property dialogs to view your project design settings.  If you have an idea for a report that you would find useful, send your request to


Smarter Automatic Page Items

In earlier versions, when you redefine your datasets, dbQwikSite flags any existing pages items who's field mapping have been invalidated and it inserts new page items corresponding to new fields found in the new dataset.  Now, dbQwikSite will not automatically add in new fields, better preserving your current page design.


Consistency Check Enhanced

A little known feature of dbQwikSite is the Design Consistency Check.  This smart little utility normally runs quietly in the background, checking your design for potential problems that may result in the generated pages not working as you expect.  It checks for such things a orphan links.  In this version we have added checking for any known dataset inconsistencies, that may prevent your pages from working.  If any problems are detected, a dialog is shown itemizing the inconsistencies, and you can take corrective actions. This facility is also now available through the reports menu.


When testing Consistency Check now inserts a warning in the generated pages, to help you troubleshoot abnormal behavior.


XML Repository

dbQwikSite now stores your project data in XML format as well as dbh.  This is a interim step to migrating to a purely XML based repository (project file).  At this time both files are required by dbQwikSite.  Over time the .dbh files will be dropped.   Developers, experienced in XML and XSL, can query the project's XML.  They can also create new reports using the new reporting plug-in architecture.



Sample Project Enhancements


New Features Added to Sample Projects

We have added the check box feature to the Staff Sample project.  You can use this project to see check boxes in action, and learn by example.


mySQL Database Scripts  included with Sample Projects

Many first-time users have fallen into the misconception that dbQwikSite is a tool for MS Access database because the provided sample databases are all in MS Access format. The reality is that MS Access is simply a matter of convenience.  Expert users will know that you can generate MySQL scripts from an MS Access database.  In version 45.0 we have done this for you, including MySQL scripts for creating the sample databases in MySQL.  You will find the mySQL database creation scripts included in the database folder of your sample projects, similar to this:

D:\My Documents\My QwikSites\Sample Projects\dbQwikSite Camera Sample\database


The mySQL script file name follows this format:  dbQwik Camera mySQL.sql


Website Enhancements


Knowledge Base Search Powered by Google

We have added Google search to our knowledge base.  This provides you with a much more flexible search engine to locate knowledge base issues.  Instantly find answers to your support questions, no need to log a question and wait for a reply, hundreds of issue resolutions are now searchable with the power of Google.