New in dbQwikSite 4.2

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If you are familiar with previous versions of dbQwikSite -  Here's a list of just the NEW features:


IDE Enhancements


Design View Menus

We have made the design view "clickable" with pop up menus.  Previously you accessed design via the page explorer and tool bars.  Now you can work in a more intuitive way accessing may properties and design dialogs by clicking on directly on the design preview.  See it, click it, change it!


Header/Footer Apply to All option

Adding headers and footers to your site is easier with a new "Apply to" option.  Design up your header /footer on any page then replicate this to all pages with the new Apply to all pages function.


Improved HTML/CSS support

Importing HTML now will also import CSS files and embedded images automatically.  dbQwikSite will look to a CSS folder and an Images folder in the folder that your HTML is imported from, if it find the folders, the files are imported automatically.


Auto Backup

dbQwikSite now automatically backs up your project file every time your begin a new session.  It keeps 5 versions in an "Autobackup" folder in your project directory.  If you ever need to recover, simply look in these folders for older versions of your project.


Help Enhancements


Updated Help file

We have updated our help file with new topics, we removed old out of date topics, updated screen shots, added a better index.  You can take advantage of better overall help.


On-line web help

You can now access on-line help from our web site or directly from dbQwikSite's designer.  Your help will always be the most current, no need to live update to get the latest updates to help and tips from support.  


Downloadable Help

You can download and install help separately. This is for people who may not have internet connections to access on-line help, or prefer to work with local copy.  Or perhaps you are thinking of buying dbQwikSite, and want a more in depth look at certain features.


Keyword Searchable Help

All new powerful help full text searching.  Search help like you search google or yahoo.  Find the information you need fast!  No more hunting to see where a topic is covered, or confusion on terminology.  Getting to the help you need is now even easier than ever.