New in dbQwikSite 4.1

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dbQwikSite 4.1 is minor release which offers major new features:


If you are familiar with previous versions of dbQwikSite -  Here's a list of just the NEW features:


Page Design Enhancements


CSS Editor

Enhanced support for Cascade Style Sheets.  Now you can generate CSS from dbQwikSite Color Themes, as well as edit your own CSS files directly from dbQwikSite.


Support Alt Image Text

A new optional property to pictures, "alt", is added. You can type in the text that you want to show when pointing the mouse over an image or using database field or a combination of both.


Hover Row Color

Add flair and easier readability to your list pages with hover colors.  The row that your mouse moves over can be assigned a highlight color.


IDE Enhancements


Gen Genie opens global security settings

If you have selected to use Security in the Gen Genie, dbQwikSite now automatically presents you with the global security dialog to help make sure that you have a complete security definition for your pages and local testing.


Customizable Validation Events

This is an extension of data validation where you can input your own Javascript to be executed during data validation.


dbQwikSite Web Server

If you want to test ASP page on your machine but do not have a web server installed, dbQwikSite will automatically start  dbQwikWebServer so that you can preview the page locally.


Detect MyODBC Settings

Improperly configured MyODBC settings can cause problems in designing and local testing.  dbQwikSite will automatically check MyODBC settings and warn you if settings are incompatible.


Wizards Speed Design


Project wizard

This new project wizard will walk you through all the necessary steps you need to create a new dbQwikSite project.


Database Wizard

This wizard will allow you to create dbQwikSite database and modify tables and fields with ease. It comprises of Table Designer where you can manually create fields by yourself, Convert a file on my PC (CSV, Text, or Excel), Build using table template, and Convert a MySQL script to table.


Ecommerce Wizard

This wizard will help you to set up online shopping and order management features in order to add ecommerce features to your website.


Security wizard

You can use this wizard to secure your website. This could help you speed up the process of setting of security level for each page. By using this wizard, all group and page can be secured in just a few clicks. dbQwikSite can also create user table for you.


Connection Wizard

Create a new connection has never been this easy. Just select a type of your database then browse the file or fill in all necessary information then the connection is ready.


Improved Project Settings in Global Group

Login, E-mail, and Validation Settings can be set up here.


Service Manager

You can start/stop/restart web server service and database service by using our Service Management.



Have you ever clicked on a button in your design layout, forgetting that this is only an "image" of your page?  Intelli-test helps by launching your browser test session for you.


Ungenerated Pages Warning

You can speed testing by unchecking page groups, which prevents code generation.  But if you ever link of flow to an ungenerated page, you will encounter an error. dbQwikSite now warns you if you are testing or deploying pages that link to other pages that may not yet be generated.


Ecommerce Enhancements


Inventory Management

Inventory Management will check available inventory while ordering and decrement your inventory levels when an order is placed.


Shipping Charges and Tax Calculation

You can add shipping charges and taxes to an order.


Order Saving to Database

Order and order line can be saved into database for permanent records. You can let dbQwikSite create tables for you or you can create your own.


New Payment Gateway

In addition to the existing support for PayPal shopping cart, now you can also choose to process order payments via:World Pay, SecPay, and Authorize.Net


Visitor Functionality Enhancements


Export to XML/CSV/TXT

You can now export data set in data and detail page to XML, CSV, and TXT formats as well as the existing formats: for MS Word and Excel.


Data Validation

Now you can validate data before it is saved into your database. For example, set it as a required field, check e-mail format, numeric field, text length, or number range.


New Password Retrieval Page

When users forget password, they can simply fill in their e-mail address and username then the password will automatically be e-mailed to them.


E-mail Data Page and Search Results

You can now e-mail data page and search result. "E-mail from" can be set according to user login.


Linked Drop Down List

With linked drop down list, you can create hierarchical combo list that allows you to filter data that will be shown in drop down list. For example, Country > State > City as you select country the state list changes to filter by country and as you select state, the city list shows only cities in your selected state.


Site Management Enhancements


E-mail Saving to Database

Save your "Email Data Page" emails to your database.  Never lose an email and automatically create a database archive of emails.


New Bulk Import Page

This is a new page that works similar to add page except that it would accept a CSV file and insert the values into the table that you specify.


dbQwikSite Web Checker pages

You can include file for testing site when you deploying your pages. When you run the include file, which is asp and php, you'll know whether your machine can run asp or php pages or not. Sometimes the technical details of your host can be hard to find.  Just upload the dbQwikSite Web Checker pages and it will tell you all that you need to know about your web server capabilities.


Deploy wizard

The deploy wizard will help you prepare your pages and settings for your host. By using Deploy wizard, you pages will be ready to upload to your server.


Deploy databases

dbQwikSite now offers help in moving your database to your server.  File based databases like MS Access, Dbase and FileMaker can be selected during deployment if you want to move your PC database to your server.


Deploy from Access to MySQL database

If you are using MS Access or MySQL, you can choose option to include database MySQL Scripts. You can generate all MySQL Scripts for dbQwik (MS Access) Databases that can be uploaded and run in your MySQL web admin panel.