New In dbQwikSite 4.0

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Features introduced in version 4.0 include:


Import myPHPAdmin SQL Dumps to local (access) databases.
External CSS File Support - The ability to use your own CSS files.
Gen-Genie - A dialog that allows you to select multiple tables and page types and generate all of these in a single operation.
Page Groups - In previous versions dbQwikSite was limited to design around a single dataset.  Page Groups allow you to have multiple datasets and a corresponding group of pages supporting that dataset.
Expression Items - These are page items that are calculations or string manipulations of other fields and constants.
Smart Labels - default data labels come from your database column names, Smart Labels formats database names, inserting spaces and removing underscores to make more readable names than the schema name.
Copy Record Page - this new page type allows visitors to create a new record in the database based on an existing record.  This can speed data entry in the case where many field values are replicated between records.
Auto Titles - Default page headers are generated to better identify your page as well as to create a consistent naming convention across pages.
HTML Editor - An integrated HTML editors helps you design HTML code segments, or entire HTML pages.
Button Navigator - Adding to text hyperlink navigation, you can now have button navigator adding a more graphic interface to your pages.
Settings Navigator - Need to know where to find a setting?  These mini-maps give you clickable hot spots of finished page images opening the correct dialog to achieve the feature you clicked on in the map.
Layout Designer - Previously, if you wanted to create a custom layout, you had to do this in a separate tool and embedded special tags to field placeholders.  The layout designer is an embedded HTML editor with direct links to your fields so you can design and link in fields right in dbQwikSite simplifying the task of creating your own record layouts.
Page Deploy Simplified - New dialogs to make page deployment easier.
Multi-Item Editor - Edit common properties on several page items at once in the Multi-Item Editor.
Multi-Field Editor - Edit field properties on several fields at once in a single dialog.
Global Settings - Set defaults across all page groups in the global group settings.
And/Or Searching - Create advanced search with optional and/or search qualifiers.
Control Panels - dbQwikSite generates control panel pages to help make navigation simpler.