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dbQwikSite provides simple graphical navigation using the following buttons:


btn_pre_001 Previous Page                                btn_next_001 Next Page

btn_first_001 First Page                                btn_last_001 Last Page

btn_top_001 Top of Page                                btn_bottom_001 Bottom of Page


btn_word_001 Export to MS Word                        btn_Excel_001 Export to MS Excel

btn_CSVExport_001 Export to CSV file.                        btn_ExportXML_001 Export to XML

btn_ExportText_001 Export to Text file.                        btn_ImportData_001 Import Data

btn_Copy_001 Copy the Record                        btn_Copy_002 Copy

btn_Delete_001 Delete                                        btn_Update_001 Update

btn_Add_001 Add New Record


btn_SendPage_001 Send this page to a friend                btn_EMail_001 E-mail

btn_Search_001 Search Records                        btn_Showall_001 Show all Records

btn_Find_001 Find                                        btn_More_001 More . . ..


btn_Control_001 Back to Control Panel                        btn_Site_001 Back to Site Control Panel

btn_BackDataPage_001 Back to Data Page                        btn_BacktoShopping_001 Back to Shopping

btn_ClearCart_001 Clear Your Cart                        btn_ViewCart_001 View Cart

btn_buy_now_001 Buy Now


btn_Logout_001 Log Out


You may change the icons displayed if you wish.  You may change them individually or you may select a set of icons to replace the existing icons, ensuring that the file names are identical.


To Change Individual Image Icons:


1. Click on Tools > Project Settings


2. Click on the Navigation Buttons item


3. Click on the button the button that you would like to alter


4. You will be presented with a file chooser, you should locate the file you would like to be used instead of the default.


5. Once you have selected the file you will see that the image has been replaced by your chosen image.

If you are unhappy with your choice you can click on the Restore Defaults button btn_Restore_Defaults_001to reset the buttons


6. Click OK


To Map a Set of Navigator Button icons:


1. Click on Tools > Project Settings


2. Click on the Navigation Buttons tab


3. Click btn_ButtonsMap_001


4. You will be presented with a file browser from which you should locate the folder that contains the images that will replace the defaults.


PLEASE NOTE: file names for individual images must be identical to the default file name for each icon.