Importing MySQL Scripts

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With dbQwikSite you can connect directly to remote mySQL databases to design your pages.  If your MySQL provider does not allow remote connections to your Database, you may import a MySQL script you create by exporting from phpMyAdmin.  This will create a local database in MS Access format which you can then work for design and later publish your pages back to mySQL with dbQwikSite's X-Gen technology.


When to use Importing vs Connecting


The most common reason for importing data is because your Hosting company has disabled the remote connection feature of mySQL for security reasons.  Another reason may be for ease and speed of design over internet connection.


Producing a myPHPAdmin SQL Export:


Many hosting companies provide you a web panel called myPHPadmin to manage your database. This tool has the capability to “dump” your database to a text file that can then be used by dbQwikSite to create a local copy of your database.


1.Log into your hosting web panel and locate your mySQL management panel, look for the export or “dump” option.  You should see a dialog as shown in Figure 1.  Select options for export as highlighted by the red boxes in Figure 1. Then export.  This should start a download of a zip file to your PC.



Figure 1


2.Unzip your export file to any folder on your PC. 


Importing your MySQL script:


1. From the Tools Main Menu, choose Import from MySQL Script





2. Locate your MySQL script on your machine.


3. You may alter the suggested name for the database to be created.


4. You can choose whether to import the tables only, or the tables and data.


5. Click OK


Your database will be created, and a Connection Name with the same name as the database.