Using Multiple Projects for one site

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dbQwikSite supports multiple projects for a single web site.  There are a few reasons why you may want to do this:


1.You have multiple developers, each dealing with a "Sub"-Site.
2.You are using Single Group Edition (PE or PE+) and you want to:
a)Manage more than 1 table, you can a project for each table.
b)You want to have "public" and an "Administrative" section to your site.
c)To hide administrative links on Data Pages.
d)To create several versions of the same page with different security levels.  For example you may have an edit Employee Page available at security level 5 but you also have this page with an additional field "Salary" at level 9  this way admin with security level 5 can manage the employee details, but only managers with level 9 can change the salary.


You may have other reasons for using multiple projects for a single site.


Remember, it is always useful to keep in mind that this option is available to you if your site requirements exceed what you can do in a single project.


Check under Session Variables to ensure that there is no clash between the default session variables and any you may have added in the different projects.


Projects can share databases on the same server and you can share or duplicate pages between projects.