Localizing Your Web Pages

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Your web pages contain "language" in the form of labels, titles, messages and data contents.  There are times where you wish to change this language.  This may be that you want to offer your web pages in a Language other than English, such as Spanish or German.  Or, it may be that you just wish to change wording to something that is more appropriate to your site and your visitors.  dbQwikSite contains several tools to help you to Localize (or Translate) your site.  This section covers the features, tools and techniques to enable you to localize your web site pages.



dbQwikSite gives you access to all the texts, labels, and messages that it uses when generating pages. This will allow you to localize/translate your web site to use your preferred language or verbiage.


To Localize choose Tools>Localization...




You will then see the localization Window.  You can edit the localized values presented. Users of Pro and E-Commerce Editions can also Export and Import language files to share translations across projects.



You can choose whether to apply this localization to a group or across your whole project.


Remember that dbQwikSite shows data from your database, plus it uses your database field names as default labels.  You may need to adjust label names and ensure that your data content is already in the local language of your choice.


You can find localization files for a number of languages @ UNCONVERTED WINHELP MACRO:! ExecFile("www.dbqwiksite.com/downloads.html")www.dbqwiksite.com/downloads.html