Replacing Fields with Text

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There may be times that you do not want to just display values from the database. You may for example want to add some additional text to the field values.


Adding Text to Fields


1. Select a dataset and Click on the Item Editor button on the toolbar btn_item_editor_004 click the Edit Value buttonbtn_edit_003.


- OR -


Right Click on a field and Select the Items Editor from the menu btn_item_editor_menu_001.


In either case the following screen is displayed:




2. Click on New Item the bring up the Page Item Properties Dialog:




3. Enter the name of the new field in the Name box


4. Click on the Edit Value button btn_Edit_Value_001to bring up the Edit Value panel.





Enter the combination of fields and any text you want to display. You can combine fields, add text, display text only, or any combination.


In this example the word TEST followed by a dash is placed in front of the Product ID data field.


4. Click on OK


5. You will be back at the Page Item Properties Screen where you can see a sample of what it will look like:




and the Value field will show the format.


6. Click on OK and the Items Editor page will show your newly created field like the one below.




7. Click on OK to finish the process.