Importing HTML

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You can add HTML pages to your site, by importing pages you can then add link between dbQwikSite generated pages and HTML pages.


To Import a HTML Page


In the explorer, right click the group that you want to add the HTML Page to.

Choose the Insert HTML Page option



The new HTML page dialog shows:




If you want to create a new blank HTML page select the "Create new HTML page" option.


You can import an existing page.  When you do this, dbQwikSite will try to preserve links, images and formatting.

If you page has an "image" sub folder and a "css" subfolder you can optionally import these by checking the corresponding check boxes.  It is quite common for files to be arranged in this hierarchy.  If you have a different folder organization, you may want to reorganize your folders and HTML page links before importing it, this way dbQwikSite can ensure that the page is imported with the maximum compatibility.


You can assign a new name for your imported page if you desire.  Check the "Rename the file..." and enter a new name.  If you do not enter a name, it will be imported using the original file name.


by checking the "Edit this page.." option, the HTML will open the page immediately after importing it.