The Explorer

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The Explorer is located on the left hand side of the designer. It shows a treeview of all of dbQwikSite's Page Groups, Pages, Page Items, datasets, and Dataset Fields


Each "Page Group" contains a set of pages that operate using the Dataset of that page.  Each Page group can contain multiple pages. Within Pages, you find Page Items and a dataset supplying data to the page..




Each page has a dataset displaying the fields of the records of your table or query.


Properties allow you specify the design of the web pages i.e. Page Properties include the title, header, or footer of your page.


Page Group:  Is a collection of related pages which work together as functional unit.  For example the search page controls which records are displayed on the data page.


Data Sets - to display the fields you have selected from your database.


Page Items - to display the list of fields, literals and controls which are displayed on your web pages


There is a small toolbar at the top of the Explorer with the following buttons:



Properties - Clicking this will present you with the properties of the item in focus in the Explorer


Insert.. - You may use this button to insert a group, an HTML page, an item or to show a hidden page


Remove.. - You may use this button to delete a group, an HTML page, an item or to hide a currently visible page.


Select All - Select All Groups for generation


Select None -Select No Groups for generation