Internal HTML Editor

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dbQwikSite provides an integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor to allow you to create HTML web pages, record layouts and edit HTML segments of your generated pages.


If you prefer to use your favorite HTML editor you can do so by setting it up an external HTML Editor in dbQwikSite options.


You can access the HTML editor by:

Right clicking the page group where you want to add a new HTML page:


In Dialogs where the HTML Button appears:

dlg_HTML_New _Page_001





You will be presented with a dbQwikSite's HTML editor which will allow create and edit HTML easily.




HTML Editor Tools




The editor will allow you to design web pages as you would with similar editors.


Links to dbQwikSite Pages


An important feature of dbQwikSite's HTML editor that you will not find in other editors, is the ability to insert links to pages in your dbQwikSite project.


To insert a link to a dbQwikSite page:

1.Choose the Link to QwikSite tab:
2.Select the text of graphic that will display as the hyperlink
3.Click the Link button
4.The selection dialog will appear allowing you to pick a dbQwikSite page from the available page groups in your project.




HTML Segments


dbQwikSite's HTML editor is also used for HTML "Segments" such as record layouts or page headers, footers, and messages.  In these cases you are not creating an independent HTML page, rather you are using the editor to assist you to create a segment of HTML that will be used inside another dbQwikSite page.


While all design options remain available, it may not make sense to use all features, such as forms, in a record layout or in a error message.  You can experiment how "far" you can go with HTML in these situations, but we cannot guarantee that dbQwikSite will work with every possible HTML feature that is possible to include using this editor.