How The Parts Fit Together

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dbQwikSite produces web pages containing web scripts which the web server uses to produce to the final pages that you see in your browser.  However the scripts are not what your want your visitors to see, they must be read by your web server.  The Script processor reads instructions about data and formatting from your page scripts, and then merges data read from your database to product a web page which is viewable in your web browser.


How do the elements combine to work with your web pages?  The steps are as follows:

1.Your web server receives this page request from your visitor's browser.
2.Your web server examines the requested page's file extension mypage.asp or mypage.php and passes your page to the script processor to process.
3.The Script processor sees your that your page contains a database connection definition, it opens that connection to your database.
4.As the script processor executes the script logic statements, it detects the SQL statements and passes these statements to the database manager for processing.
5.The database manager, executes your SQL statements accessing your database stored records.
6.The database manager returns sets of records to the script processor which processes these according to the statements in your script, merging data into HTML.
7.The HTML stream is sent to your visitor's browser and that browser "renders" the HTML stream into a viewable page based on the HTML formatting tags and text.



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