Elements of a Database Web Site

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Knowing the elements that make up a database web server can help you in understanding exactly where dbQwikSite fits in the process.


Below is a diagram of the basic pieces that make up a web server.  They consist of:

An Operating System - runs the computer
A Web Server program - manages sending pages to a web browser
A Script Processor - Interprets scripts embedded in web pages
A Database Connection (settings) - Links pages to a database
A Database Manager - a program that manages SQL requests to the database
Your Database - your tables and data


These are the parts necessary to be able to host web pages that you produce using dbQwikSite.  Normally all this setup is managed by your hosting company and believe it or not, may also be set up in some form on your own PC.


Anatomy of a Database Web Server Diagram

Anatomy of a Web Server