Using a Third Party Shopping Cart

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dbQwikSite now supports a number of shopping cart systems


Using a Shopping Cart


1. In the Explorer, Right click on the Shopping Cart Page


2. Click on Shopping Cart Setup and the Shopping Cart Setup window opens.


3. Click the Use Online Payment Gateway radio button the panel shown below appears:




At this stage there are four gateways that are available.


PayPal for example requires that your send: a product id, a Product Name, a Price, and an e-mail address that identifies your PayPal Account.


You can map your dataset values to the first three fields:


You enter the e-mail address that is linked to your PayPal account.  This is important as it identifies you as the person who owns the account that will be credited with the purchase amount.


You can enter an optional return URL, which is really a page to return to after the shopper completes payment.  If you do not provide this URL, the shopper will be sent back to last page they visited on your site.


If you wish to display your company logo in the PayPal Shopping cart and check out pages, you can type in the address of the image file containing your logo.  Remember that this logo must be available on-line so you cannot use a file path on your computer.  Your URL should be something like:



Other Gateways


World Pay


Just requires your WorldPay installation ID.




This system needs the Merchant Login ID, The Transaction Key from the merchant's interface and a Receiver e-mail account.




Needs your SecPay User ID (Six letters and two digits) and the Receiver e-mail account.



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