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A check out page is the web equivalent to the checkout counter at your grocery store. Here all the items in your shopping cart are tallied and the desire to purchase these items is confirmed.


Depending on what shopping system you have selected, you may or may not need this page.  If you are using dbQwiksite's shopping cart, then you need to configure this page in order to receive your orders.  If you are using the PayPal shopping cart, you do not need this page, as PayPal has its own check out page.


To Add a Check Out Page to Your E-Commerce Website:


1. In the Explorer, click on Check Out Page to select the page


2. Click the Setup button to set up the Check Out Page Properties (Page Setting > Order Fulfillment > Shopping Cart Setup)


3. To create the check out page, you must have already set up the shopping cart page.




4. Complete the information in the window


5. Click OK


When you preview the Checkout Page, it is shown like this:



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