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An on-line shopping cart is the web's equivalent the shopping basket your use at your grocery store.  The shopper adds items into the cart, and when they are finished shopping they "check out".


dbQwikSite can create a shopping cart which allows users to buy your products on-line. You have the option of using dbqwikSite's built in shopping cart and check out pages, or you can link to PayPal's on-line shopping and payment facilities.  dbQwikSite does not feature payment collection as this usually requires a secure server and integration to merchant accounts.  Using the built in shopping cart is simple and effective.  Your shoppers fill their carts, and check out.  The Checkout generates an e-mail order to you, and you can then collect payment using whatever method you please and ship the goods.


To Create a Shopping Cart:


1. In the Explorer, Right click on the Shopping Cart Page


2. Click on Shopping Cart Setup and the Shopping Cart Setup window opens.




3. There are two shopping cart systems that you can select from:


Either you want to use dbQwikSite's Shopping Cart


A Third Party Shopping Cart


4. If you select "Use dbQwikSite's Shopping Cart, orders will be emailed to you". You need to specify the display information for the cart and checkout pages. In the Mandatory Fields section, you need to identify the three fields from your Dataset that correspond to the product ID, price and product description.


5. Since the Checkout Page and shopping cart pages work together you will need also to specify the e-mail details for checkout orders.


6. Complete the information in the window


Shoppers are able to view the contents of their cart. Moreover, they can change, add, or delete items they want to buy. The user can click on the Checkout Now button to check out their order.





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