E-mail Saving to Database

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You can save a copy of any e-mails you send in the database for later reference or auditing.



Saving E-Mail to Database


1. Select the E-Mail Page in the explorer.


2. Click on the Setup button, to link the source record from the Data Page to the E-Mail Page.


The Page Setting dialog box appears, from which you can modify the E-Mail Page Setup for your E-Mail Page


2. Select Save a Copy in my Database this option to enable Database settings tab




2. Select uses dbQwikSite table or if you have your own e-mail table, you can select table mapping column.


a. Uses dbQwikSite table: dbQwikSite will create E-mail table for you. Click on View/Edit button  to edit table name, field name, data type, length, set not null, and unique. Press tab to add new field.




b. Your table mapping column: Select your e-mail table and map field in your table with fields that are required by dbQwikSite.



You can see the preview at the Design Preview Page as shown here:





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