Moving Your Data to Your Server

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Moving an Access Database


Your MS Access database is contained in a single file with an ".mdb" file extension.  Moving your database to the host is accomplished by transferring this file to your server, using FTP, or any other means to copy the file.


Moving a MySQL, MS-SQLServer, Oracle etc. Database


Most "true" relational databases keep data in several files as well as configuration information files.  Normally you cannot move the files to the host as a means to transfer the data, you must export the data from your local data base and import it into your server database.  This is usually accomplished by using database utilities.  Alternatively, we can recommend dbQwikSync and dbQwikEditwhich have features to move data between databases, even between different databases.  For example, it is possible to move your local MS Access data to your remote mySQL database. You will need to ensure that your have been granted sufficient security permissions on your web host to do this.


dbQwikSite will not move your database for you, as it may result in the loss of data on your server, duplication of data, or possibly test data being moved to your server.


You will need to manage your data and database according to your particular situation.