Setting Server Details

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Before deploying your webpages, you should define the location of your web server and your folders.


1. Select Tools -> Options... on the Main Menu.


2. There are 3 settings found in Local Web Server Settings.





- Host name: the host/computer name of the web server, (ie. which will run the website).

- Port Number: this should be set automatically for you, unless you have specified a specific port

- Root directory: the root folder/directory on the above web server for storing all webpages.


3. On this tab you must also specify which type of pages you want to produce - ASP or PHP


4. On the Project tab, type the image folder name in the Images Folder: ..Web pages text box. This folder will  be created under the root directory when saving webpages.




Hint: Host names and directory names will change from host to host. If you are using a commercial hosting service, your hosting company should provide you with the required information regarding how to set up publishing.  If you are working on a private host, then your system administrator should have the necessary information for you.