The Universal Table Editor

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The Universal Table Editor is a tool for changing the structure of your database table. It edits the definition of the tables, it is not a table data editor.  With the universal table editor you can alter the structure of any table in the database to which the dbQwikSite designer is connected, ie your "design database".  In the event that your design database is not the same as your deployment database, the deployment database tables are not altered.


Warning: Changing table structures can result in loss of data.  The Universal Table Editor, tries to preserve your data BUT, this is may not always be possible for example if you drop (delete) a column, all data in that column will be lost.  Always make sure you have backed up your database before attempting to modify it.


With the Universal Table Editor you can:

Add and remove columns in your tables
Rename columns of your table
Change the data type of your columns
Change the data length and precision of your columns
Change the mandatory data (null / not null) setting of columns
Change your table record identifiers (Primary Key)
Add and remove table indexes.


The Universal Table Editor can be launched from most dataset dialogs in dbQwikSite as well as from the tools menu.

In dataset dialogs look for the Table Editor button :


In the tools menu look for the table editor option:



The Universal Table Editor looks like this: