Adding Columns

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Using the Universal Table Editor you can add columns to tables used in your project.


To Add a column, click the Add Column button:


The Column properties dialog is shown:


Here you enter:

Field Name: A name for your Column - this must be different from other columns already in your table

Type: The data type for your column - the list can change depending on your database, consult your data user documentation if you are unsure.

Size: The maximum length of your data value. If the data type you select is fixed length, as with most numeric types, then this number will show as "0" and you cannot change it.

Required: check this this value is required at all times. If you say required, will not be able to add a row into this table if this value is not provided.  This is equal to "Not Null" in database terms.



Hint: when naming columns: avoid database reserved words such as "select", "order", "Where".  While these usually do not cause a problem some databases may have trouble with parsing SQL with column names that are also keywords.  So the best practice is to avoid keywords.