Database Manager

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In simple terms database is software program and associated files that is able to store and retrieve your data records.


With respect to managing data, databases can be classified into two broad categories of relational databases.  These are desktop databases and server databases.  Generally speaking desktop databases are those that you would find on your PC like Microsoft Access, File Maker, DBase, FoxPro and others like these.  A desktop database typically can operate without special programs running to manage the database.  Server databases on the other hand usually require some programs installed and running in order for your web pages to access the data inside.  Server databases are ones like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and mySQL.


You can use either type of database with dbQwikSite.  It can generate SQL (Structured Query Language) statements to interact with all kinds of databases.  SQL is the way that computer programs and scripts read and write records to a database.  There are also statements in SQL to manage is called Schema, the names of the tables and columns in your database.


Normally desktop databases keep all your records in a single file or as a set of files in a folder.  Publishing desktop databases can usually be accomplished by moving the file or folder to your host.  Server database are far more complex in their file structures and usually you cannot move data records by copying files, you need to export and import records rather than copying files.


It is also important to remember that if you are using a database that is located on your PC, that database is not accessible by your hosting server. Many user fail to understand that their web pages read and write to a database located on their PC.  They are confused why the pages run perfectly on their PC, but when they upload the pages to the host the pages "stop working".  Quite often the answer is that the pages are looking for a database that is on your PC.  It is important to keep in mind that you must have a database on your server for your dbQwikSite pages to work.