Creating a Database

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dbQwikSite works with databases.  If you do not have an existing database, you can create one using dbQwikSite. To create a database in dbQwikSite, you use the database wizard.  From within the database wizard you have several different methods that you can use to create table, you can :convert certain PC files to Tables, Import table definitions from MySQL Scripts, use dbQwik table templates, or manually design your table.  The database wizard is only available if your PC database is MS Access (see note below).



Note: Internally dbQwikSite uses MS Access for PC databases.  You do not have to buy the MS Access program, it simply means that this is the file format used internally by dbQwikSite.  You do not have to publish to using MS Access as your target database.  Using dbQwikSite X-Gen, you can design using MS Access on your PC, and then deploy to either MS Access, MySQL or SQL Server.