Data Validation

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Now you can validate data before it is saved into your database. For example, set it as a required field, check e-mail format, numeric field, text length, or number range.


Applying Data Validation


You can validate data for items in Add, Update, and Copy page except for date field.


1. Right click on item that you want to validate


2. Go to Data Validate tab


For string field, you can set a field as required, e-mail, maximum characters.




For numeric field, you can set a field as required, numeric, integer, minimum, and maximum value.




Customizable Validation Events


This is an extension of data validation where you can input your own JavaScript to be executed during data validation.


Cuztomize: This button will be enabling when you uncheck Uses Global Validation Settings.


You can also set Global Validation Function in Global Setting.


Click on Global Group > Setting > Validation Setting tab