Data List Page Options

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In addition to common page options,  the data list page has many options that you can select in order to produce a page that best suites your needs. This page gives a brief introduction the the options available for your use during design.


Split Rows per Page


btn_Split_001Split, controls the number of rows of records that are displayed on your page. For example, here in this image, you would design a page that displays 6 rows of data per page.  This option is found in the designer tool bar.  If you use the user page sizing option, then this setting would be the default page size until the user changes the page size themselves.


Records per Row


Toolbar_Records_per_Row_001 The records per row setting controls how many records are displayed across the page.  Another way to think of this setting is as the number of columns of records on the page.  This option is found in the designer tool bar.  The default is one record per row.


Navigator Style


btn_nav_001The navigator style controls the display and style of navigators at the top and bottom of the record set.  When you click this button you can select from several styles of text and button navigators.  You can can control the top and bottom navigators independently.


User Column Sorting


dlg_Column_Sort_Setting_001The user column sorting is actually a Page Item Setting. You can access this setting in the items editor or items properties. However in case you are wondering how we get those little clickable sort triangles into the data page column headings.  Also note that column sorting only works when the data is displayed in a grid format, if you are using record layouts, the column sorting feature will have no effect.


Initial Sort Order


Like user column sorting, the initial sort order is not really a setting of the data list page.  However it is worth mentioning that if you want to alter the order that your records are appearing when the pages is displayed, this can be done by using a query as the source of your page dataset and specifying a sort order in the query design.


Category Filtering


dlg_Category_Setup_001 Category filtering adds a pick list, or a set of hyperlink values to your page which the visitors can click on to create a filtered sublist of records for display.  Category filtering settings are found in your data page properties dialog.


You can also filter records in design by using the query filter option.  If you design a filter in your query and you add category filtering, the category filtering will not override your initial filter, it will filter within the list of your designed list.  For example, you have a table of motor vehicles, containing motorcycles, cars and trucks.  You may design a query filter to select Cars only.  If you then add a category filter for Make.  Your visitor will only see cars, if he chooses the Make "HONDA" only Honda Cars will display, Honda motorcycles will NOT disp


User Data Filtering


dlg_data_filter_001 User data filtering is a feature that restricts the data page to display only records that belong to the logged in user.  The user data filtering settings are found in your data page properties dialog.


Note that user data filtering only functions of you have enabled security.  You also must have a field in your dataset that corresponds to the logged in user name to match and filter on.


Data Exporting


edt_export_data_001 You can add controls to your data page that allow users to export the data on this page to several file formats.  This setting is found in the data page properties dialog.  Check the Export Data check box to add the data export control to the data page.  The formats available to the user will be controlled by which formats you check in this dialog.


Emailing Content


dlg_email_this_page_002dlg_Email_this_page_setting_001 You can enable emailing of the content of the data list page to an email recipient.  When you enable this feature a Mail Button will show in the navigator.  See Emailing Data Page


User Page Sizing


edt_User_Page_001 You can add a feature that will allow your visitors to adjust the data list page size to suite their preference while they are viewing the data list page on-line.  This setting is found in the page properties.