Creating Connections

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Perhaps the most misunderstood topic in getting "going" with dbQwikSite is the task of creating a connection definition in MS Windows on your PC so that dbQwikSite can find your data.


In order to simplify the task of creating connections, dbQwikSite provides you with our Connection Wizard which you can run from dbQwikSite, or it may run automatically as part of the Project Wizard.


You can also create connections manually using dbQwikSite's ADO Manager and ODBC Manager.  ADO and ODBC are two different standards for connecting to database on a Microsoft operating system.  ODBC is a older standard which uses ODBC drivers, ADO is a newer standard that uses Data providers.  ADO connections normally are preferable to ODBC when available.  Not all databases may have an ADO Data Provider, so you may need to opt for using an ODBC Driver, this is the case with MySQL.